Timeless: S1E1 Pilot

Timeless is kitschy as hell and I loved watching every minute of it.


Essentially, there’s three random characters: A history professor, a soldier, and a scientist who must travel through time following the evil bad man who is trying to destroy certain points in history.  Along the way they grow as people, very predictable things happen, and it remains very basic and very exciting.

Why I loved it: The kitschy-ness of it all makes it loveable.  What it lacks in actual substance, it’s saved by sheer enjoyability.  It’s altogether a simple notion and execution, and when we have an onslaught of overwrought television whose characters’s complexities are almost as difficult to follow as the actual plot, it was refreshing to simply sit back and be entertained and actually enjoy watching what was going on.

As I mentioned, it is a very basic script and execution, and that is, ultimately, going to be the downfall.  As of yet, there’s no reason for me to actually care about the characters and what is happening in this time travel world.  A troubled soldier blames himself for the past, a history professor really loves her mom, a bad guy who, as of yet, doesn’t particularly have any motivation to what is going on, and a black scientist whose story about confronting racism in the past could actually provide great chutzpah to the script is included, but almost to comedic effect.  A cliffhanger that will only be revealed by time.  In an imaginary checklist of basic adventure stories, this show would probably tick off the majority of them.

If the series continues for more episodes before getting pulled, the trick will be making the audience care about the characters by adding depth and actual emotion to the surrounding events.  Keep the kitschy-ness, but please, also grab ahold of my heart.


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