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Quantico: S2E1 Kudove

Quantico’s premier of season 2 was strong, and the challenge will be to keep it up.


For those of you who haven’t watched Season 1, I highly recommend you go back and watch it, however, you don’t really need to in order to understand what’s going on in Season 2, which is something I really appreciate.

We start with an intense act of terrorism against a summit of national leaders, and Alex Parrish is somehow at the center of it all.  In order to understand the present, we must go back to the past to understand how we and this new cast of characters reached this point.  Alex and Ryan have both been recruited into the CIA clandestine service, and are back in training.  Against this, their tumultuous relationship is playing out as well.

Why I like it: This show keeps a breakneck pace, and for entertainment purposes it’s one of the best shows out there right now.  It seamlessly goes between the past and present, action and moments of calm without feeling jolted and forced.

What is forced, however, is the entire relationship between Ryan and Alex.  The complete and total lack of chemistry between the two is exhausting, and that it’s really the only mainstay between s1 and s2 means that it’s going to be something I’m going to have to suffer through for a while longer.

This is one of the few shows I’m continuing to watch this fall season, and I’m excited to see more.


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