Conviction: S1E2 Bridge and Tunnel Vision

I think I’m mostly watching this show for Hayley Atwell.


And here we are.  The second episode.  I think a lot of people consider the first episode of a show the “make or break” of a show, but for me it’s the second episode.  The characters have been introduced, the basic storyline that’s going to control the show has been established, and now, the challenge is for the writers to keep it going.  And this is where we’ll really see whether or not this show truly has substance.

Conviction begins with the cast beginning their mornings, a good idea for reminding viewers of what they’re watching, and who these people are.

Immediately, we move into the office space where they discuss their next case, which is a former case from the D.A., a man who put them all together into this task force.

Once again, the cases are there as a backdrop against what is really happening, and act as a catalyst for other events.

Hayes Morrison, the lead character, is in an ongoing struggle with the DA Wallace.  For me, the second episode seems like a bit soon for this battle between them to truly happen, however it does make for an exciting second episode, because now, what’s the rest of the show going to be about?

There is also the ongoing dispute between Hayes and her mother, which, at only episode 2, is already becoming dull and forced.  It’s been done, it’s an old trope, and quite frankly, fairly exhausting.  It’s going to take something actually happening for this to become at all interesting.

Once again, I fall back to my love of Hayley Atwell as my reason to keep watching this show.  She controls every single scene she’s in and is a force of nature.


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