Conviction: S1E3 Dropping Bombs

Conviction is continuing to build its characters into something marvelous.


It’s taken some time, but they’re slowly starting to build up the cast of characters beyond the main character, Hayes.  They’re an assorted cast, a rising yet jilted golden boy, a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed bleeding heart young woman, a toughened black woman who carries a lot with her former work in the police force, and a former criminal forensic.  They’re starting to grow and actually be a part of this show.

The problem?  I still don’t know any of their names.  I know who they are in relation to this show, but they’re still just there as props to the rest of the story, and to keep the case moving along.  They still don’t feel truly invested in this show like the other characters.

The real strongpoint of this show is that it’s unafraid to take on intense cases that are prevalent to the current society.  Like this episode, trying to pardon a white bigot accused of bombing a mosque?  That’s pretty hefty, and kudos to writers and the show for taking on this kind of case.

I’m finding myself more and more worried about the happiness of Hayes Morrison, which is also super important.  It may come from my previously mentioned love of Hayley Atwell, but seeing this character get knocked down repeatedly and seeing her still stand up and get her work done is supremely motivating.

The show is building up slow and steady without the issue of feeling like it’s plodding along.  I’m excited to keep watching.


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