Conviction: S1E4 Mother’s Little Burden

Conviction just gets better.


This episode was a good one.  The storyline flowed evenly, as Hayes attempts to calm a scandal about her and how she got her job.  We are getting deeper into the characters and their lives, and the drama is building, and remaining extremely believable.

The case this week is deciding whether or not a mother is guilty of killing her autistic son who frequently abused her.  There’s family drama, legal drama, and the two keep me invested in the classic “whodunit” question.

The characters are likeable.  All of them have qualities that make me invested in them and their story.  They have flaws and pasts and secrets that keep their characters from being a generic trope in the legal drama genre.

I’m really hoping that the heavy dependence on reenacting crimes goes away at some point.  I can see why it’s used in the show; it helps to keep the interest in the crime, and helps to confirm innocence or guilt, but it’s not particularly enjoyable.  It might just be a personal taste, but I find it halting to the actual action.  (Unless it’s being used as a device to begin a love story between two of the characters because I 100% hope they end up together).

The show is slowly becoming less the Hayley Atwell show as the writers are slowly involving and building up the other characters, and I’m really enjoying it.


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