Timeless: S1E2 The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

I want to start this with a new tagline, but all I can think of is still “Timeless is kitschy as hell and I loved watching every minute of it.”


After a first episode and traveling back into time to save (or unsave?) the Hindnenberg, the main character’s life has suddenly changed.  Her sister no longer exists, and her mother is healthy and well and back in her life.  But no!  Instead of dealing with any of that, they must go back into time to…the day Lincoln was assassinated.

I have to admit I have a personal issue with this episode, solely because as a student of history, Lincoln as a character, is just woefully uninteresting compared to the many other people who had a part in the Civil War.

Anyway, back to the show.  I still don’t fully understand the bad guy at all, and his reasoning for changing history.  His family was killed?  It completely doesn’t make any sense at all to me why any of this is happening.  Or why there’s two time machines in the world?  It all seems fairly implausible within the world that it’s operating in.

It’s really awesome that there is a main black character who is confronting the issue of black history in America during all these instances, and seeing and experiencing first hand all these injustices while the two white characters have other things going on.  It’s really shedding light on all the past and present issues and divisions of black history that are still continuing to this day.  The writers are confronting this head-on and it’s absolutely incredible.

The issue with going back in time is that what’s happening in the real world and in their lives is only discussed at the beginning and at the end of episodes, and not at all through the large chunk in the middle.  That’s going to be an issue we have to wrestle with throughout the show.


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