Timeless: S1E3 Atomic City

The kitschy-ness is starting to rub off to reveal a deep lack of substance.


We begin with Lucy Preston, the main character, attempting to acclimate to her new life that has been changed with their changing of history. Before much can happen, we are whisked away back to work, where she learns they’ll be traveling to Vegas in the 1960s, where Jack Kennedy will make an appearance.

The characters mesh into the world, once again, fairly easily and quickly. It’s during this time we meet the creator of the time machines (who I thought was dead) but apparently is with the villain for some reason. We get no answers, only more questions, which I’m assuming will go unanswered.

The stakes in this episode don’t seem nearly as high as previous ones, probably because the story of JFK has been beaten to death with a stick by film and television, especially in the past few years. Not a good choice for a third episode.

I’m hoping episode 4 picks up the show a little bit, because episode 3 was a definite lull.


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