Timeless: S1E4 Party at Castle Varlar

I forgot the entire reason why I love this show and I’m sorry.


My last review of Episode 3 got a little bit harsh, and I think the film major part of me got too strong.  See, most of being a film major is being overly obsessed with “substance” and “deeper/hidden meaning” and now it’s gotten to the point where when something exists almost purely for the entertainment value, I sometimes forget the value in that, and I’m sorry.

So, now let’s go back to Timeless.  Episode 4: The Nazi Episode.  Because nothing that goes back in time could ever ignore the presence and existence of Nazis.  Just watch the History Channel.  The only things that occurred in history are Nazis and aliens.  And sometimes Romans.

American Nazi supporters in 1944.  Once again, this show does confront something that has prevalence to the modern world.

And here we meet Ian Fleming.  Who worked as an actual spy before writing the infamous James Bond series, who they must work with in order to stop the Nazis and the evil Flynn from…whatever their plan is.

Really the most exciting part is that we as an audience now see the start of a budding romance between the two lead characters, and that’s truly all that matters because the chemistry between them is so strong my TV is about to explode.

Now that I’ve returned to a point of just being entertained by this show, it’s so much more enjoyable.  It’s exciting, and adventurous.  We know how adventure works from years of Indiana Jones and King Arthur and seeing adventures, and this show brings the undeniable sense of adventure into the modern age.


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