Conviction: S1E5 The 1 Percent Solution

The Hayley Atwell show continues.


Hayes has finally pissed off her family enough that they are giving her the silent treatment, and I’m happy about that because there’s less characters that take away time from the main cast and the investigative team who are really the interesting people in this show.

The case this week is about a young man who was helped out by a very well-off family (a Blind Side reference was definitely made). The case is less interesting than previous ones, probably because rich people doing bad things is a trope that has definitely been overused.

I have to be honest, this continues a trend of the show being more interesting than the case. A huge problem for a show that’s designed to be a case per episode that’s supposed to support the stories of the cast. Perhaps the writers could watch a few episodes of Criminal Minds, who has perfected the art of telling a two interconnected stories.

There was a redeeming moment for the previously hated character of Hayes’s mother, which will hopefully make her family life more interesting to watch.

Episode 5 is probably the weakest that I’ve seen so far. I need there to be more at stake in the lives of these characters. Fingers crossed that this happens.


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