Conviction: S1E6 #StayWoke

Conviction is just going for it and taking no prisoners.


This episode’s case is about a white cop who was shot at a black activist rally as she was working crowd control, and a white jury found a black defendant guilty.

It’s very racially charged, with the cast being divided on who is, or should be guilty, and who is, or should be, innocent.

It’s brave of the writers of this show to take on such a strong social inequity, especially against the backdrop of current times.  I think it’s sometimes easy to forget that screenwriters are Californians, and they have the power to write shows that are watched by the entire rest of the country, and it’s incredible that they take the time to show the struggle between the two sides.

Hayes character is becoming more fleshed out, and thank goodness for that.  The angry adult woman acting out against her mother and family and silver spoon was not going to hold up for much longer.  The struggle will be to keep her character going from this point forward.


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