Timeless: S1E5 The Alamo

Yes, we all remember the Alamo.


So it’s obvious that I wrestle with this show for a bit.  It’s kitschy and entertaining and fun to watch, but as far as deep meaning or value goes, it can often gloss over the important bits in lieu of adventure.

It’s not that the show is particularly dense in what the overall stories are, but since we’re leaving those stories behind in order to focus on whatever point in time we travel to, the point in time has to be interesting.

And interesting is not what the Alamo is.  Inspiring, yes.  A great point in Texan history, yes.  But as far as an exciting chain of events go, individual battles aren’t the truly interesting part of history.  It’s the aftermath of what happens, and it’s difficult to share that on screen.

This episode was a strongpoint for Wyatt, the soldier sent along to protect them and kill the bad guy.  You got to see him and his dedication to others around him, which is a real saving grace for his character.

I’ll keep watching.  The history major in me can’t stop.


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