Conviction: S1E4 Mother’s Little Burden

Conviction just gets better.


This episode was a good one.  The storyline flowed evenly, as Hayes attempts to calm a scandal about her and how she got her job.  We are getting deeper into the characters and their lives, and the drama is building, and remaining extremely believable.

The case this week is deciding whether or not a mother is guilty of killing her autistic son who frequently abused her.  There’s family drama, legal drama, and the two keep me invested in the classic “whodunit” question.

The characters are likeable.  All of them have qualities that make me invested in them and their story.  They have flaws and pasts and secrets that keep their characters from being a generic trope in the legal drama genre.

I’m really hoping that the heavy dependence on reenacting crimes goes away at some point.  I can see why it’s used in the show; it helps to keep the interest in the crime, and helps to confirm innocence or guilt, but it’s not particularly enjoyable.  It might just be a personal taste, but I find it halting to the actual action.  (Unless it’s being used as a device to begin a love story between two of the characters because I 100% hope they end up together).

The show is slowly becoming less the Hayley Atwell show as the writers are slowly involving and building up the other characters, and I’m really enjoying it.


Conviction: S1E3 Dropping Bombs

Conviction is continuing to build its characters into something marvelous.


It’s taken some time, but they’re slowly starting to build up the cast of characters beyond the main character, Hayes.  They’re an assorted cast, a rising yet jilted golden boy, a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed bleeding heart young woman, a toughened black woman who carries a lot with her former work in the police force, and a former criminal forensic.  They’re starting to grow and actually be a part of this show.

The problem?  I still don’t know any of their names.  I know who they are in relation to this show, but they’re still just there as props to the rest of the story, and to keep the case moving along.  They still don’t feel truly invested in this show like the other characters.

The real strongpoint of this show is that it’s unafraid to take on intense cases that are prevalent to the current society.  Like this episode, trying to pardon a white bigot accused of bombing a mosque?  That’s pretty hefty, and kudos to writers and the show for taking on this kind of case.

I’m finding myself more and more worried about the happiness of Hayes Morrison, which is also super important.  It may come from my previously mentioned love of Hayley Atwell, but seeing this character get knocked down repeatedly and seeing her still stand up and get her work done is supremely motivating.

The show is building up slow and steady without the issue of feeling like it’s plodding along.  I’m excited to keep watching.


Timeless: S1E2 The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

I want to start this with a new tagline, but all I can think of is still “Timeless is kitschy as hell and I loved watching every minute of it.”


After a first episode and traveling back into time to save (or unsave?) the Hindnenberg, the main character’s life has suddenly changed.  Her sister no longer exists, and her mother is healthy and well and back in her life.  But no!  Instead of dealing with any of that, they must go back into time to…the day Lincoln was assassinated.

I have to admit I have a personal issue with this episode, solely because as a student of history, Lincoln as a character, is just woefully uninteresting compared to the many other people who had a part in the Civil War.

Anyway, back to the show.  I still don’t fully understand the bad guy at all, and his reasoning for changing history.  His family was killed?  It completely doesn’t make any sense at all to me why any of this is happening.  Or why there’s two time machines in the world?  It all seems fairly implausible within the world that it’s operating in.

It’s really awesome that there is a main black character who is confronting the issue of black history in America during all these instances, and seeing and experiencing first hand all these injustices while the two white characters have other things going on.  It’s really shedding light on all the past and present issues and divisions of black history that are still continuing to this day.  The writers are confronting this head-on and it’s absolutely incredible.

The issue with going back in time is that what’s happening in the real world and in their lives is only discussed at the beginning and at the end of episodes, and not at all through the large chunk in the middle.  That’s going to be an issue we have to wrestle with throughout the show.

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Quantico: S2E1 Kudove

Quantico’s premier of season 2 was strong, and the challenge will be to keep it up.


For those of you who haven’t watched Season 1, I highly recommend you go back and watch it, however, you don’t really need to in order to understand what’s going on in Season 2, which is something I really appreciate.

We start with an intense act of terrorism against a summit of national leaders, and Alex Parrish is somehow at the center of it all.  In order to understand the present, we must go back to the past to understand how we and this new cast of characters reached this point.  Alex and Ryan have both been recruited into the CIA clandestine service, and are back in training.  Against this, their tumultuous relationship is playing out as well.

Why I like it: This show keeps a breakneck pace, and for entertainment purposes it’s one of the best shows out there right now.  It seamlessly goes between the past and present, action and moments of calm without feeling jolted and forced.

What is forced, however, is the entire relationship between Ryan and Alex.  The complete and total lack of chemistry between the two is exhausting, and that it’s really the only mainstay between s1 and s2 means that it’s going to be something I’m going to have to suffer through for a while longer.

This is one of the few shows I’m continuing to watch this fall season, and I’m excited to see more.


Assignment: Review

The first blog I’m going to review is found at Coffee and TV Blog

I chose this one because of its similar URL, and assumed it’d be similar to what I’m working to create here.  Clicking to the homepage gives this view:

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 12.54.26 PM.png

I’m going to be quite honest, this isn’t a blog I particularly care for, and there’s a few reasons.  First, the use of an image as the background and then having images overlaid on top of it create an overwhelming and unclean visual affect.  There’s a lot, visuall going on.  There’s also a lot of colors that don’t quite correlate, including the mint, blue, and black colors that all seem to be working against each other.  In the header, there are a lot of links.  10 total, to be exact, and while I appreciate that this blog is organized and the writer has a lot to say, it’s an overwhelming amount to see when I don’t have a specific thing that I’m looking for.

When I go to the posts, I see a lot of self-deprecation, which quite frankly leaves me unwilling to read more into this blog.  What I notice a lot is the use of the word “just”, even in the description this is “just” the ramblings.  If the writer doesn’t think it’s worth the time, why should I?  I think this is an important note in moving forward with my own blog.

The next blog I’m going to examine is Classics and Craziness which is one I’m much more appreciative of.

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 1.02.27 PM.png

I really like that this feels like a welcome page of sorts because the header fills almost the entire page, and I can tell there’s more if I continue to scroll down.  It has a great color theme, and while I’m not overly crazy about the font, it does stay the same throughout the blog.

I like that the organization for the blog is located within the posts themselves.  For instance, on the About Me page, there are links to further social media.  The My Reviews page gives me an organized click-through list of all the book and film reviews that have been posted.

What I would like is organization of the information.

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 1.06.35 PM.png

Here’s a chunk of the list of films, and near as I can tell there’s absolutely no organization to the list, either alphabetical or by date, and that’s really frustrating, even just for an aesthetic idea.

The posts themselves show a lot of individuality and her own opinion, which I really appreciate, however the self-deprecation is still apparent with the author as well, especially in the about me section.

My big takeaways from this assignment is that first my blog needs to be clean and organized, and that will make it visually appealing to the audience.  Secondly, I need to not doubt myself, and be confident in what I’m saying and who I am on this blog.

When I think about the type of visitor to my blog, I imagine it’s the type of people who are interested in films.  People who especially like knowing what others’ opinions on film are as well, and who are interested in what someone who is actively studying film production has to say about a film, and the industry as a whole.  People who spend their time on Netflix, indecisively trying to find something new to watch.  People who don’t mind going to see a movie alone because they care so much about seeing it.  People who watch awards and who have actually watched a lot of the films that are nominated.  People who watch films.